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Photography, to me, is a form of expression and relaxation. It has taken me on many adventures and has introduced me to many amazing people. This blog is where I talk about the shoots that I do and how they went, sometimes including behind-the-scenes pictures or videos! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! (Click on a picture to view it large)

The Lopez Family 11/11/12

For this shoot that I did with the Lopez family, I decided to try a new technique that I haven't tried yet but have been wanting to. I wanted to shoot at a low f-stop number while using strobes. I have seen people do that before in the middle of the day and have a very shallow depth of field but never really knew how they did that. After a little research, I found that they achieved this by using a neutral density filter to darken the exposure to be able to shoot at f/1.8 in the day time with strobes. I used an ND8 filter and my 50mm f/1.8 lens for these shots. My goal was to make them look clear but the background blurry with some nice bokeh. Since I only used a 50mm lens, there wasn't too much blur or bokeh, a longer lens like an 85mm or a 70-200mm would have been a better choice but I don't have that kind of money haha. The Lopez family were really chill people and knew what they wanted which made the shoot go easy. We got some great shots at a park in Saratoga at around sunset. Check out some shots below!

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